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Swimming Australia: May 8, 2017: Swimming Australia confirms it has recently been informed by ASADA and FINA that members of the Australian Dolphins Swim team may have failed to update their whereabouts appropriately over the previous 12-month period.

ASADA and FINA are yet to finalise their processes and to confirm the final outcomes in relation to these matters.

Swimming Australia CEO Mark Anderson said that Swimming Australia had long been a strong and vocal advocate for clean sport and the stringent rules in place to ensure all athletes are available for testing at any time.

“Both Swimming Australia and our athletes have been very clear on our position in relation to anti-doping both here in Australia and internationally,” Mr Anderson said.

“The Australian Dolphins Swim Team has worked hard to develop a culture of professionalism and respect. Part of that professionalism is ensuring each athlete is accountable and responsible for accurately providing their locations so testers can access them when required. It is extremely disappointing if this has not occurred as it should.”

Under ASADA and FINA rules, Swimming Australia is unable to announce details on any individual swimmers who may have failed to update their whereabouts appropriately until ASADA and FINA have completed their process.

It was disappointing that the information had been leaked before the relevant organisations had concluded the matters under a thorough and fair process for all involved.

Mr Anderson said he had presented to the Australian Dolphins team following the completion of the selection trials in Brisbane in April and reinforced that it was the responsibility of every individual athlete to keep their details up to date.

“While we understand and appreciate that athletes need some down time and a break following a long four-year Olympic campaign, I have very clearly and very strongly reminded our team that you can never switch off from ensuring your whereabouts is accurate. As an athlete it is a non-negotiable – you must be available for testing every single day of the four-year cycle.

“We have and we will continue to support our athletes through this process but for all athletes, this is a timely reminder about the seriousness of ensuring the information you provide is correct and current. You may be out of training but you are never off-limits.”

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